This course has been designed to give you an in-depth look into every aspect of using the natural world to your advantage when it comes to surviving or living in the wilderness.


The course will start by examining the current UK laws relating to foraging and hunting and will then go on to study all aspects of keeping yourself and others safe whilst sourcing wild food.


We will then go on to examine the edible, medicinal, mechanical and poisonous aspects of both plants and trees, including positive identification features and how to collect and process the useable aspects.


The items available to forage depend on the seasons and spring and autumn are two of the best times of the year, depending on whats about we will collect a number of items that we can use or process to have with our lunch which will consist of wild game (Rabbit, pigeon or trout) that you will prepare and cook yourself in a primitive fashion. With our lunch we will also prepare and cook a traditional form of bread.


After lunch we will go on to examine a range of trapping and snaring techniques that can be used to source protein in the wild.


Venue: Tickenham, Bristol


Times: 0930 - 1700

Cost: £75

Minimum age: 9 years old.





Spring and Autumn Foraging and Wild Game


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Matt was an excellent instructor who led the group well throughout the day with consideration to the pace of the learning and what we actually did. He is a very personable sort of guy who quickly established a warm rapport with us and without doubt was extremely knowledgable about his subject which he taught with confidence and passion. He even had to contend with a biblical style downpour right in the middle of the day! He took it all in his stride and continued to motivate and interest us with a wide scope of topics that I had given him for the group to get stuck into. I will definitely recommend him to others and will try and organise another day with him later in the year.