Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? - We are based in 20 acres of woodland in Tickenham, just south of Bristol.


Do you have insurance? - Yes we have public liability insurance up to £5,000,000, underwritten by Bridle Insurance


Is it safe? - Due to the nature of working in the outdoors and the woods there is unavoidable risks such as slippery roots and rocks, low hanging branches and stinging nettles! Aside from this every action has been taken to make the activities as safe as possible, including risk assessments, general woodland management and a daily inspection of the woods for wind blown trees, etc. all our instructors are first aid trained and carry first aid kits, as well as the main camp first aid kit which is always to hand. Our risk assessments are held in our site safety handbook which also contains our comprehensive range of policies and procedures to keep participants safe whilst meeting the learning outcomes of the session.


What clothing and equipment will I need? - You do not need a lot for a Survival School course, the basics include suitable outdoor clothing such as a good set of waterproofs. A full kit list will be issued at the time of booking with information on equipment specific to your course. The more you know the less you need.


What about the weather? - Our main camp is covered by a large group shelter, as is our outdoor classroom. We believe that challenging weather can more often than not enhance the experience rather than detracting from it, courses will run regardless of the weather (unless trees are blowing down or similar extreme weather!)


Do you have toilets? - Yes we have a composting toilet which is available at all times, it is clean and airy and is a loo with a view!


Is water provided on courses? - We have a mains water supply to the woodland, where we fill up the jerry cans which will be available in main camp at all times for all courses. The kettle will always be full and on the boil for hot drinks.


Can I bring my dog? - Due to the fact that we operate in close proximity to livestock and are on private property, the landowner has requested that no dogs be brought onto courses.



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Matt was an excellent instructor who led the group well throughout the day with consideration to the pace of the learning and what we actually did. He is a very personable sort of guy who quickly established a warm rapport with us and without doubt was extremely knowledgable about his subject which he taught with confidence and passion. He even had to contend with a biblical style downpour right in the middle of the day! He took it all in his stride and continued to motivate and interest us with a wide scope of topics that I had given him for the group to get stuck into. I will definitely recommend him to others and will try and organise another day with him later in the year.