Stag and Hen Parties 

Due to our close proximity to Bristol city center we are ideally situated to create a weekend party combining a course with us and a night on the town.


Most groups opt for a one night/24 hour course which offers a perfect amount of time to cover the core subjects and make your own shelters to spend the night in after an evening around the campfire.

Prices start from £75pp for one day courses and £125pp for one night courses with discounts available depending on group size. 

Make your stag or hen party one to remember!


Choose the length of your party (half day, full day, one night or two night course)

Choose the dates you want

Choose what you want to do from the list below:


  • Axe work

  • Knife, Saws and cutting techniques (making pegs, mallets, pot hangers, spoons)

  • Foraging

  • Fire Lighting (including rubbing two sticks together to make fire)

  • Traps and Snares

  • Natural cordage (making string from plants)

  • Game preparation (this would be your meal preparation) 

  • Shelter building (the shelters you build would be the shelters you sleep in)

  • Primitive weapons

  • Tracking (animal and man tracking)

  • Water Preparation

  • Knife sharpening

  • Knife Law

  • Bread making

  • Charcoal making

  • Introduction to Archery

  • Axe throwing



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Matt was an excellent instructor who led the group well throughout the day with consideration to the pace of the learning and what we actually did. He is a very personable sort of guy who quickly established a warm rapport with us and without doubt was extremely knowledgable about his subject which he taught with confidence and passion. He even had to contend with a biblical style downpour right in the middle of the day! He took it all in his stride and continued to motivate and interest us with a wide scope of topics that I had given him for the group to get stuck into. I will definitely recommend him to others and will try and organise another day with him later in the year.